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December 20 2014

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December 19 2014

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December 18 2014

vjing... FETT @ Rave on Snow (Centercourt)

2014. Saalbach Hinterglemm. Die letzten Minuten auf dem Mainfloor waren für meine lange LOGO-SCHLANGE vorgesehen...
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so muß nen e-sticker!

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habe mal nen flyer / poster fertig gemacht f.y.i. | … kommt alle!

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bullshit bingo pegida
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December 17 2014

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dumm doof rettungslos (DDR)

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December 16 2014

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December 12 2014

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fck cps
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noch als nachtrag zum thema russlandhetze (idee: m. broeckers)

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December 08 2014

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December 07 2014

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December 04 2014

(at: Böhmermann - herrlich! In Sachen Campino Band Aid)
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November 30 2014

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